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The track world has only so much room for ranting and raving, so T&FN doesn't allow its editor, E. Garry Hill, to run off at the fingers every month. But perhaps you'll enjoy hearing the babble he puts up several times a year. The opinions he expresses--needless to say--reflect his personal point of view, not necessarily that of the rest of the editorial staff, and are in no way meant to be construed as company policy.

The editor unabashedly admits that he's an elitist (the higher the level of achievement the more he likes it) and that his prime interest in the sport is for the professional side of things. And more than anything else, he seeks to ensure that the presentation of the sport keeps it a viable entity on the crowded modern sporting field. Recent pontifications:

March 2018
My first track memory is of Roger Bannister

February 2018
When a record isn’t a record… or is only sort of a record

January 2018
Welcome to a brave new (digital) world, episode 1

December 2017
Will we be singing the off-year blues in 2018? (aka, why not a World Champs?)

November 2017
The state of the sport: maybe it is broken, and those fixing it deserve recognition for it

October 2017
To keep track & field viable, presentation is everything

September 2017
Heretical thought: is it more fun watching track on your computer?

August 2017
The IAAF’s Hall Of Fame still doesn’t have nearly enough members

July 2017
Seb Coe wants innovation & bravery? How about the sprint straightaway on the infield?

June 2017
I too was in favor of a new World Records list… 17 years ago

May 2017
2017 is not going to be one of those dreaded Olympic Hangover years: here’s 6 reasons why

April 2017
Usain Bolt has had multiple triples, but think about Carl Lewis’s quads, both real and potential

March 2017
In the Diamond League, all events are no longer created equal

February 2017
With the 2016 version, T&FN’s World Rankings are now 70 years-old.
Here’s a look back at ’56, ’66, ’76, ’86, ’96 & ‘06

January 2017
When did “tactical” become a dirty word?

December 2016
My favorite women’s races ever, event-by-event

November 2016
My favorite men’s races ever, event-by-event

October 2016
Are field-event rounds 4 & 5 really necessary? Well, yes and no…

September 2016
The 8 Questions I Most Want Answered In Rio

August 2016
Somebody actually listened to me for once! (An upgrade in signboard presentation)

July 2016
It’s time for another look at the false start rules

June 2016
This restaurant features healthy doses of speed

May 2016
Meets tend to be unkind to those who think of our sport as field & track

April 2016
If ever a sport needed a Darwinian pruning, it’s ours— sorry about that

March 2016
What to do about track & field’s demographics problem?

February 2016
The OT & OG qualifying standards aren’t doing athletes any favors

January 2016
My story and I’m sticking to it: I’m 1-0 lifetime in races against Seb Coe

December 2015
10 ways to increase your enjoyment of the sport

November 2015
Team USA's stunning lack of seasonal bests in Beijing points yet another finger at the bad timing of the USATF Championships

September 2015
I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for the summer season

August 2015
Both of the IAAF presidential candidates are talking about calendar reform… yesss!

July 2015
The best part about going to a track meet is visiting with your like-minded friends

June 2015
Will the split-sex NCAA Championships dramatically improve the product?

May 2015
I'm still in favor of 3 World Championships in every quadrennium

April 2015
Is there a way to transfer the magic of the vertical jumps to the other field events?

March 2015
The IAAF's new World Championships qualifying system: are we actually going to end up missing the old hell of A-B qualifiers?

February 2015
So what if we had no choice but to cut Olympic events?

January 2015
It's already time for USATF to be thinking about the timing of its 2019 Nationals

December 2014
Eugene’s biggest strength for a WC bid? The locals actually care

November 2014
2015 Diamond League: 5 meets in 14 days in May/June? 0 meets in August?

October 2014
A big-league sport can’t survive if its biggest names aren’t going head-to-head

September 2014
Is it time to revisit the no-false-start rule?

August 2014
The World Relays was awesome, but it can be awesomer

July 2014
Do you remember your first sub-4:00 mile viewing?

June 2014
Incomprehensibly, the IAAF has made the spectacle of the jump off less likely to happen

May 2014
You can disrespect the rights of the athletes for only so long

April 2014
After Albuquerque, is it time to start thinking about a separate federation for the pros?

March 2014
Hang in there, U.S. throwers—the USATF Foundation cavalry is on the way!

February 2014
Thoughts on how our Athlete Of The Year process works

January 2014
The IAAF & USATF Halls Of Fame need more members

December 2013
If we thought the IAAF’s A/B qualifying system was confusing, might the new A-only be worse?

November 2013
Personal highlights of each of the 14 World Championships to date

September 2013
The stuff of dreams: Adam Nelson got a do-over of his ’04 Olympic victory ceremony

July 2013
Reflections on seeing the NCAA Champs in 5 decades

June 2013
It’s not easy to be a fan of NCAA track & field

May 2013
New/upgraded U.S. meets: a ray of hope for domestic competition for U.S. pros?

April 2013
You might be a hardcore track fan if… part 2

March 2013
You might be a hardcore track fan if...

February 2013
Why Usain Bolt & Allyson Felix didn’t end up as T&FN’s Athletes Of The Year

January 2013
For the first time in a long time, London’s Olympic Games felt like a World Championships meet

December 2012
The ink-stained wretches of the world struggle to remain relevant in an electron-driven era

November 2012
Are track’s biggest stars getting enough Diamond League exposure? I think not…

October 2012
Team USA’s men and women were on elevators going in opposite directions in London

September 2012
Heresy coming from me, I know, but it is time to rethink the Olympic Trials format?

August 2012
A new way to stage separate-sex NCAA Champs at the same time

July 2012
The greatest meet on the planet? Not the OG, not the WC—it’s still the OT

June 2012
Which problem should USATF’s new CEO Max Siegel tackle first?

May 2012
For post-collegians, the pre-OT U.S. schedule is a farce

April 2012
11 ways to increase your enjoyment of the sport

March 2012
Uh-oh! Is there nobody who's the face of U.S. track & field?

January 2012
Why the IAAF's 3-per-nation rule is surely here to stay

December 2011
There’s clearly frustration with the IAAF

October 2011
19 days in August…track goes into stealth mode

September 2011
The August issue marked the 800th edition ever published.
A look at what happened in all the other 100th-issue markers

August 2011
Words fail me in trying to describe the NCAA Regionals

July 2011
What if they didn't give any track meets?

June 2011
Two different NCAA meets?

May 2011
Is the Diamond League cursed like King Tut's tomb?

April 2011
Do you still enjoy T&FN when we get into depressing reality?

March 2011
Would you believe a T&FN without ink or paper?

January 2011
Aural abuse at a meet is aural abuse, whether you love or hate the music in question

December 2010
No More 'Off-Years' for the World Championships

November 2010
Was the Diamond League’s first year a success or failure?

October 2010
Going back to some old rules might actually be good for the sport

September 2010
Might the radical changes in the ’11 World Champs schedule backfire?

July 2010
WRs are the currency that keeps the sport alive: are we floating counterfeit money?

May 2010
Why aren’t Americans peaking at the Olympics and World Champs?

April 2010
Does track & field need a touch of the X-Games mentality

March 2010
OK, that was the best 4 decades of my life… so far

January 2010
As Cordner Nelson liked to ask, "What kind of fan are you?"

December 2009
Without a Chicago Games, when will the U.S. host the World Champs?

October 2009
Is it possible that superstars might actually be bad for the sport?

September 2009
Wiser heads appear to have prevailed in the 2012 Trials schedule decision

July 2009
Programs! You can’t tell the players without a program! But even then…

June 2009
When will U.S. teams start wearing uniforms that are distinctive?

May 2009
Just where did they find all the athletes who hate the 10-day Trials?

April 2009
A single-weekend Olympic Trials? Bad-bad-bad!

March 2009
I’m biased on the subject, but I like the Olympic Trials just as they are

January 2009
EAA presentation tweaks: inspiration or pure panic?

October 2008
Forget the dropped Olympic batons! What about the ongoing U.S. men’s field-event meltdown?

August 2008
Two of the all-time greatest words in the English language: Road Trip! (gh & dj head to Des Moines in tornado season)

July 2008
The greatest meet on the planet? Not the OG, not the WC—it’s the OT my friends

May 2008
Watching 3 rounds of dash prelims is as good as a cliff-hanging serial at the Saturday matinee

March 2008
A column dedicated to Willi Krause, who epitomized all that was great about coaches

February 2008
Happy 60th Birthday To Track & Field News!

September 2007
Some think the World Champs is held too often; I don’t think it’s held often enough

August 2007
Can’t anybody run a scoreboard properly at a track meet?

May 2007
How about making the NCAA Champs a finals-only meet?

April 2007
Would you believe an NCAA meet that’ll be done in time to go have a beer after the meet and it’s not even noon?

February 2007
Sacrilege! Maybe the finishline isn’t the best place to sit and watch a meet?

December 2006
Which of the 8 kinds of track fan are you?

November 2006
It’s time for the rulesmakers to revisit the lane-draw procedures

August 2006
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell where sprinters are relative to each other during a race?

July 2006
There’s a simple solution to the logjam that is Nationals scheduling—some events have to go

April 2006
I say take the relays out of the NCAA Championships

January 2006
Does the idea of a new set of World Records still have real merit?

December 2005
The worst year of track is better than the best year of just about any other sport you can name

November 2005
The final rounds in field events deserve their own private window on big-meet schedules

October 2005
There aren’t too many tries in the field events; it’s just that the wrong people are taking too many

August 2005
As affiliations go, is “unat” the University of Nat?

July 2005
Would it be too much to ask to have a uniform uniform-policy?

June 2005
Only a hard mile relay leg can turn you from Michael Johnson into Michael Jackson

May 2005
The sport has suffered this year from the rash of young collegians going pro early

February 2005
Meets tend to be unkind towards those who think of the sport as field & track

January 2005
Having Craig Masback and Bill Roe set for additional terms at USATF is a big plus for the sport

November 2004
The 500lb gorilla on T&FN's back: how can we remain relevant in today's Internet world?

August 2004
Is it wrong to stand up for the sport we all love so much?

July 2004
My dictionary doesn't seem to define the NCAA's 'honest effort' dictum very well

June 2004
It's getting hard to appreciate out-of-the-blue performances

May 2004
What's the most popular event in the sport, the mile or the 100?

April 2004
Pictures really are better than a thousand words

March 2004
The Olympics—just like Christmas, only way better

December 2003
The latest rounds of drug revelations have left ugly fingerprints on the World Rankings

October 2003
Paris—more proof that the U.S. Trials meets need to be moved later

September 2003
If T&FN doesn't speak out for the track fans of the world, who will?

August 2003
Little things can mean so much in increasing spectator enjoyment

June 2003
It's time for the rulesmakers to leave the pole vault alone

May 2003
Paula Radcliffe vs. U.S. men—ugh!

April 2003

March 2003
Landmark issues of T&FN: Nos. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700

February 2003
2003--the year collegiate track came back to life

January 2003
2003 is shaping up as a truly vintage year for the sport

December 2002
More bang for your T&FN buck!

November 2002
It’s time for me to be mean to the Hall Of Fame again

October 2002
Rabbits on the Euro Circuit: is this a race or a damned parade?

September 2002
Why the year 1971 should inspire you in 2003

August 2002
Adam Nelson helped show why the sport can be field & track

July 2002
10 ways to increase your enjoyment of the sport

June 2002
The most successful track meets are successful because they’re more than just track meets

May 2002
When you crank the tunes during a race, you remove the most viscerally satisfying part of the sporting experience

April 2002
Question: are the timetables at the Nationals hampering the U.S.’s international efforts?

March 2002
The significance of an experimental Millrose Games high jump (a jump mandated every 45 seconds, only 3 misses total) was missed by many

February 2002
The “amateur” label continues to hurt track’s development

December 2001
Ultimately, the World Rankings belong to you, the readers

November 2001
I’d rather watch a tactical—aka slow—race than an El Guerrouj World Record attempt any day. Death to all rabbits!

October 2001
Edmonton is the perfect kind of city in which to stage a World Championships

September 2001
The answer to the Maurice Greene wild card problem is a simple one

August 2001
Would it be premature to declare we’re seeing a renaissance for track in the U.S.?

July 2001
Are sprinters cheating when they try and second-guess the starter?

June 2001
Proposed new IAAF rule changes range from the ridiculous to the sublime

April & May 2001
Standing up during track meets: a way to alienate longtime fans of the sport?

March 2001
Sadly, field-event presentation hasn’t kept pace with the technological revolution

March 2000
How Jesse Owens came to be our Trackster Of The Century even though he wasn’t our choice for top athlete

April 1997
The track world has undergone a lot of changes in my half-century on the planet