2017 U.S. National/WC Trials Tour

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Some Sacramento '17 Photos by Teresa Tam

DSC 9372

Carey Simons & Debby Oliver

DSC 9374

Everett Auzenne & Cheryl Kincaide

DSC 9429

A hot time in Sacramento

DSC 9325

Jon interviews Emnma Coburn

DSC 9342

T&FN staff

DSC 9346

Lew Geyser & Coach Bob Larsen

DSC 9348

Dennis Mar asks a question

DSC 9353

Jon interviews Sam Kendricks

DSC 9359

Jon interviews Kate Grace

DSC 9369

Sam Kendricks & Teresa Tam

IMG 0751

The Wild Bunch. Photo by Gary Gaudet

IMG 0745

Jon interviews Emma Coburn. Photo by Gary Gaudet