Other Pics

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IMG 0268 Helen Myall

Ed, Janet and Sieg at the party. Helen Myall photo

rio 13

Silver medalist Nia Ali, with Titus. Rod Camden photo

rio 11

G. Hill, with Ryan Crouser. Rod Camden photo

rio 8

Oliver, Curt and Kevin. Rod Camden photo

rio 6

Seilers and Lahas at the Gala Luncheon. Rod Camden photo

rio 2

Charlie Demmon and Tom Ecker. Rod Camden photo


Ryan Crouser. Dave Saylors photo


Joe Kovacs. Dave Saylors photo


Nia Ali. Dave Saylors photo


Kerron Clement. Dave Saylors photo

Iguazu Falls Ed Fox

Iguazu Falls. Ed Fox photo.

IMG 3673 John Nickles

John Nickles ran up to the top of Machu Picchu mountain to take this iconic shot. John Nickles photo.

IMG 4739

Our Aussie tour members at the stadium. Ken Soutar photo.

DSC 0455 Doug Pollard

At the Imperial Hotel.  Back row, Peter Siegel, Carl and Glynda Stitt, Anjan Bhattacharyya, and Lloyd Stephens. Front, Kathy Reynard, Jaya Bhattacharyya, Achula and Vijay Agashe. Photo by Doug Pollard.

DSC 0195 Darryl Peterson

April Huneycutt and Greg Tseng with gold medal shot putter Ryan Crouser. That flag is signed by most of the 2016 U.S. Olympic track team. Photo by Darryl Peterson.

DSC 0175 Darryl Peterson

Everett Auzenne, Aaronda Watson, Meaghan Bryan, and Linda Young at the party. Photo by Darryl Peterson.